A Touch of the Earth
Programs by Keith Gutierrez
A Touch of the Earth was started because  my focus has always been teaching children about the beauty, care of nature and to assist teachers and schools with the history of California. So I have taken my knowledge of California history, the great outdoors and the skills of working with children to a wider classroom. These classroom field trips allows me to reach schools and communities from the North bay, east bay and the South bay. I am able to share the knowledge to over four thousand Children a year.  It is my honor to share my skills through the programs I offer. I am just a piece of this big world of ours, a touch of the earth.
"Your knowledge of the Ohlones combined with your humor and excellent kid skills makes for the ultimate learning opportunity"
Oak School 3rd grade teacher
Los Altos school district
$275 per class - In person 1 1/2 hpurs
Fully Vaccinated
Mask Worn All Time